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Professional Resume Writing Services, available in any city in the world. Get a high impact eye catching Resume or CV and Cover Letter delivered right into your email inbox. We especially cater to all job seekers, including graduates, professionals, managers & C-Level executives.

Hire our Professional Resume Writers to craft out a high impact Resume in the Best Resume Format suitable for any of the jobs in IT, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Consulting, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Airlines, Construction, Human Resources or any of the 40 different industries worldwide.

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Exactly what is a Resume or CV and why is it very essential?

A resume or CV is really a one to 2 page document outlining your objective, skills, accomplishments and academic background.

The "Heading" of your Resume or CV must contain your title, address and telephone number.

The "Body" must be broken in to the following sections:
Brief Summary, Career objective, Professional Work Experience, Accomplishments, Educational Qualifications, Certifications, Trainings, Workshops & Seminars and References (if required).

The "Brief Summary", must only have three to four precisely crafted sentences that clearly convey to the recruiter about your background, experience and what you are capable to provide. You must try to to draw in the employer’s attention, but do not overload your resume with unnecessary information. Make sure that your resume, does not contain private information that unveils ethnicity, gender, marital status, age, living situations, or other private data that's in a roundabout way not directly associated with the job or position that you are pursuing.

The "Career Objective" must be very brief, as much as one or two very short sentences. It ought to provide your potential companies an idea about the type of job or position that you are seeking and also the exact field/department or company that you wish to work in. A tight profile of your resume should discuss what you are and just how your abilities and experience are best suited for the task that you are looking at.

The "Educational Qualifications" section must include school, college, graduate in addition to any courses or certifications which are highly relevant to your development.

The "Professional Work Experience" section must list each job/position in the reverse chronological order along with the dates ("From" & "To"), the experience that you gained and your Achievements (This must include the exact action that you took and the benefits passed on to the organization).

Trainings, Workshops Seminars - This section must include all Professional Trainings, Workshops & Seminars that relevant to your job. This section would portray to the recruiter or your would be employer that you have made efforts to update your knowledge and improve your skills specific to your job.

References ought to be listed only if requested for by your would be employer. Guidelines suggest to not list generic claims about references being offered upon request because this is understood.

You must make sure that your resume is error free and contains no grammatical or spelling mistakes. Ensure that the company, college names and cities are typed correctly. A resume that contains errors, regardless of how minimal, can give your potential employer an impact that you don't have focus on detail, that you simply don’t make time to make sure of your projects and that you're a poor communicator.

Furthermore, ensure that you use the best resume format. Stay with fundamental fonts, like Arial and Times New Roman. Keep your font size and colour standard do not use large fonts. Don’t overload your resume with bold, italicized, or large-cap text. Keep the format consistent and make certain the resume looks good when seen online as well as when it is printed. Keep the resume to a couple of pages. Don't add any extra pages with unnecessary information that may give an impact that you simply either do not understand how to briefly summarize your education and experience, or that you are listing unnecessary information with regard to taking on space. You must seek the help of Professional Resume Writers, if you have never written a resume before.

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The completed resume really looks good. Your professional resume writers have done a great job. Thank You! for your expert resume writing services in Bangalore.

Pritpal Singh, Bangalore, India

I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by you on my profile. It looks very professional and appealing.

Sayilakshmi Karthikeyan,

Senior HRM Professional

Bangalore, India

You have done a very good job in transforming my Resume.

Thank You! for your exceptional resume writing services.

Nallana Venugopal

Mechanical Engineer

Andhra Pradesh

The latest draft of the Resume was very good.Thank You so much.

R Jayachandiran

Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer

Bangalore, India


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